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Men's Wallets

Explore Calvin Klein’s designer wallets and cardholders for men. Minimal. Portable. Functional. Keep your cash and cards in one place with CK men’s designer wallets. Choose from bi-or trifold wallets or wallets with a zip. Shop leather or faux-leather wallets with the recognizable CK logo. And benefit from easy card slots and coin pockets. Keep your men’s wallet securely in the back of your jeans or in the pocket of your blazer. Style it with a matching belt and bag to finish off your look. Calvin Klein men’s wallets. Convenience at your fingertips.

Where can I buy men’s designer wallets?

You can shop men’s designer wallets and cardholders online at the official Calvin Klein web store. Find classic billfold wallets and cardholders made of durable leather that you’ll carry with you for life.

How to remove dents from a leather wallet

To remove dents from a leather wallet, apply heat to the affected area with a hairdryer, then gently massage the leather with your fingers. Alternatively, use a clothes iron with a piece of damp cloth placed over the dent and press down lightly with the iron. For more stubborn dents, try using a leather conditioner or a mixture of water and vinegar to soften the leather and reshape it.